Monday, 14 January 2013

Fancy a game of mood swing ball?

Day 15 of Down Regulation

Today I don't have much to report other than: meh!

Woke up with a headache, this is now an everyday occurance - thanks to my bessie Emma I now have some 4head. 4head is a lemon menthol stick that you rub across your forehead when you get a headache - and it works - genius! So 10 minutes later headache disappeared but I was still in a bad mood and I  have remained so all day - meh!

This has obviously been brewing since yesterday as I had a 10 minute sob with the Hubster yesterday afternoon just as he was prepping for his radio show (he can be so patient sometimes). Once I'd calmed down it was then I started on my first blog entry and I felt immediately better after I had splurged my IVF story/rant. Maybe that's the key to coping with IVF - having a daily rant (but then I tend to do that anyway).

I managed to crack a few smiles having a mid-Sunday morning boogie in the front room, had lunch at the 'spoon with Mum and Mama & Papa C but then I was just too hot and had to go outside to cool off four times (with just a t-shirt on, I was too steamy even to wear my specs this lunch time so I left them at home). All this made me grumpy and I apologised after lunch; I knew I'd been a bit punchy - oops.

So this is a short and sweet entry; despite all your positivity, amazing Hubster and friends, IVF belief CDs - sometimes you're just grumpy and in no moody for socialising or being happy and cheery! I'm recognising why I'm grumpy and I understand why its happening but it takes effort to take yourself out of the negative zone, so that's when its time to listen to The Orb! Its like trying to stop the black cloud us ladies associate with PMT - at times this can be a challenge.

So my lovely, patient Hubster has now gone out in search of crumpets as its the one thing I want to eat! Bless him - I do have a hint of a smile, fingers crossed despite it being Monday tomorrow, it will be a better day.

My jab / hazard box were I put all used needles.

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